Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This is my mother's family's genealogy.

Grandfather Wolf Cohen arrived in the US from Suwalki, Poland (Russia then), in 1904 and went to Rochester where his brother Jacob had a junk/rag/textile business.

Grandmother Sarah Budnitsky Cohen was from Krasnopol, and arrived with children, all born in Suwalki; Morris, Rose, Belle, Schloime (died about 1908-1909) and Jessie on the SS Abraham Lincoln from Hamburg in 1907. Most likely Sarah and the children moved to Krasnopol from Suwalki to be with Sarah's family when Wolf went to the US.

The family name was Kanowicz on the ship manifest (see lines 9-14).  Click for my annotations.
And here for their Hamburg, Germany, ship manifest when they departed Europe. Note that the information for Belle and Schloime (d. @1908) is reversed.

Now my mother, her brothers and sisters

Wolf and Sarah's children:

Belle (b 1900)
Rose (b 1898)
Morris (b 1896) with wife Rose Cohen Cohen